TLG Deliver Resettlement Focused Workshop In HMPYOI

This week the TLG team have been working with our partners The PYE Project to deliver workshops in custody to parents of children currently serving custodial sentences. The workshops are organised by the Prison Service with the focus of enabling families to spend the day in custody and quality time with their children.

We are proud to have delivered and look forward to this ongoing partnership throughout 2017/18, supporting families of children in custody and helping them to make the transition seamless between custody and the community.

Our CEO Andrez Harriott stated ” It is always important to remember the victims of crime and their families. It is also important to work with young people who have offended, providing support with the aim of reducing reoffending. it is important to work with young people and their families helping them to deal with the feelings which arise from the custodial sentence and looming release dates. I am proud of our involvement and look forward to the continuous partnership with the Prison Service and The PYE Project”.


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