The Liminality Group secures decade-long NHS contract to support young offenders 

The Liminality Group – an organisation that helps young people to secure a better future – has been awarded a contract with the Central Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) to support the delivery of mental health and primary care services within a youth offender’s institution.  

The seven-year contract builds on an existing three-year partnership between the two organisations. During this time, TLG has already delivered services to 100 young people and will be supporting a further 300 over the coming years.  

Led by CEO Andrez Harriott BSc, MA, The Liminality Group’s primary task is to change the trajectory of children and young adults most at risk of becoming involved in criminality, while supporting those currently within the criminal justice system, to prevent further offending.   

The organisation works across systems within both the community and secure estate to support the integrated care and thinking surrounding high harm, high risk and high vulnerability children.   

Andrez and his team deliver their services, known as MVP, using four specific pathways: Providing access to a psychologically-informed offending behaviour programme, 1:1 outreach support, through the gate services and CPD for staff.  

Commenting on securing the contract with CNWL, Andrez Harriott says:  

“We are delighted to be able to continue the important work we are doing with 15-18-year-old children and young adults in custody, in partnership with CNWL. As an organisation, we are committed to providing these vulnerable children and young adults with the support, care and understanding they need – as well as practical help to reintegrate successfully into society, once their sentences have ended.  

“Our key aim is to prevent further offending, which we do by supporting a young person’s mental health and wellbeing as well as helping them to access training and employment opportunities. We honoured to partner and support CNWL NHS Foundation Trust across two sites as this recognises the important and positive impact we have had (and continue to have) with this cohort, their families, key stakeholders, and other professionals within the wider system. 

“We look forward to the further development of our work over the coming years, providing such crucial support.” 

Stella Simpson, Regional Operations Manager, Youth Custody Services, CNWL Health and Justice Services Directorate, Central Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust, says: 

“Over the past three years, Andrez and his team have worked successfully with over 100 children and young adults within our Young Offenders’ Institution and will be help many more over the next seven years.  

“We are acutely aware of the difficulties and challenges these young people face and have an important responsibility to provide them with effective care and rehabilitation.  

“Our long-term partnership with TLG is an integral part of the wider work we do across our youth custody sites and supporting transitions into the community and adult estate. We look forward to developing this and seeing the continued, positive impact on people’s lives.”  

The Liminality Group has worked within secure settings since 2013 supporting children and young adults whilst remanded or those serving custodial sentences. Since 2018, and specifically during the pandemic, The Liminality Group has supported the implementation of Framework for Integrated Care project, (also known as “SECURE STAIRS”).  This focuses/allows for a joined-up approach to assessment, sentence, intervention planning and care, including support for operational staff, to ensure all systems remain child-focused. 

Andrez Harriott Bsc, Pg-Cert, Pg-Dip, MA, has trained as a criminologist, sociologist and organisational consultant, trained in using Psychodynamic and Systemic approaches to understanding leadership and organisations. He is also a musician and a member of the British 90s band Damage, which has sold more than two million records and continue to tour the country 25 years on.  

He set up the Liminality Group in 2011, after working for eight years as a youth justice and senior practitioner in a London Borough. The Liminality Group has worked with thousands of children since 2013 within schools, pupil referral units and custodial institutions, with the aim of changing the trajectory for children most at risk. They provide psychologically informed interventions, residential breaks, school interventions and employment opportunities to those in need. 

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