Petra Barran

As part of our Lottery funded schools programme, we provided children with work experience placements during some of the most vulnerable times for children, school holidays. Thank you to our partners who have supported this vision over the past two years. Thank you to our new partners who have not hesitated to become involved in our schools provison […]

TLG, Brand & Deliver and KERB Food Provide Children With ...

We are excited to announce that the TLG and KERB FOOD partnership grows, supporting young people currently serving sentences in custody. Following a successful trail period which provided young people eligible for day release from prison with meaningful work experience placements, young people will now have access to this provision for the rest of 2017. Young people will be […]

TLG & KERB Food, Working With Young Offenders In The ...

This week saw the team provide an incredible placement for a prisoner on day release: KERB ( Working in partnership with a TLG trained prison-officer, the team travelled to Camden, where the young man was putting his passion and skills for cooking into practice on the burrito stand. The young person was described as a “delight to be […]

TLG & KERB Launch New Partnership

Happy new year to everyone and we hope that Christmas provided you with some great memories and family time! We are back in the office and began the year with our CEO Andrez Harriott meeting the wonderful Petra Barran from KERB, exploring ways in which TLG and KERB can provide valuable work experience to school children and children being […]

First Week Back