Happy new year to everyone and we hope that Christmas provided you with some great memories and family time! We are back in the office and began the year with our CEO Andrez Harriott meeting the wonderful Petra Barran from KERB http://www.kerbfood.com, exploring ways in which TLG and KERB can provide valuable work experience to school children and children being […]

First Week Back

This week saw the Engage Influence and Inspire team in Greenwich, a place more commonly known as the Royal Borough. However, with a rise of 22% in violent crime last year alone (2015, London Assembly), the borough set the perfect backdrop for our first session with the students – Crime and Consequences. The group, full of aspiring musicians, […]

Engage, Influence and Inspire Blog 6

This week saw the TLG team begin a new cycle of Engage, Influence, and Inspire at a school in Lewisham. To put it into context, the borough of Lewisham has previously been named the ‘least peaceful’ place in the UK based on the following five indicators: the murder rate, violent crime rate, weapons crime rate, public disorder offences […]

Engage, Influence and Inspire Blog 5

Returning back from the half term break gave the group much to talk about as we shared the highlights and difficulties they faced during their week off. Beyond the school gates students spoke of witnessing serious youth violence while others had family members arrested, bringing todays session on the ‘Danger of gangs and serious youth violence’ close to […]

Engage, Influence and Inspire Blog 4

The former advisor to ex-Prime Minister David Cameron has said there is no reliable way of measuring the impact of youth work and the sector should “stop looking” for one. Paul Oginsky, CEO of Personal Development Point, which helped develop the government’s flagship National Citizen Service (NCS) initiative, said that organisations which work with young people need to […]

Former Cameron advisor: Impossible to measure youth work impact

  Week three saw a breadth of young students and adult support workers immersed in the work of TLG’s Engage, Influence and Inspire programme. Following on from last weeks session on ‘Personal Identity’, a member of staff at a secondary school in South-East London commented on how our CEO Andrez Harriott has “given them (the students) permission to […]

Engage, Influence and Inspire BLOG 3