Police Need Training In Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE”s)

Nina Jacobs from CYPNOW explores a recent study which suggests that Police officers should be trained in understanding the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on young people in order to tackle an increase in child to parent violence.

Researchers found there were 515 incidents of CCVAB which increased month on month between March and July 2019, peaking at 83 before dropping back down to 37 incidents in August. Just under half of the children (226) involved in the total number of incidents were already known to Northumbria Police. Despite specific data relating to ACE not being included in the investigation, the North East is a region with high levels of ACE indicators compared to the average for England, the report states. One of the risk outcomes for higher levels of ACEs is increased risk of substance misuse, which is evident across all localities in Northumbria Police Operational area. “It is also known that increased underage substance misuse is a cause for CCVAB”.

Data collected by the team showed officers attended 89 out of 515 incidents that involved substance misuse by the child involved in the incident. Of these, 74 incidents included cannabis misuse by the child and 22 incidents included alcohol. Eleven incidents included both alcohol and cannabis misuse by a child carrying out an act of violence against an adult.


Read the full report here: https://53379d5a-503f-4b33-bb43-be08e7951440.filesusr.com/ugd/e7960b_e35db4bb61c14e3699e4a6aea9a40e4d.pdf



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