Engage, Influence and Inspire BLOG 2



Week two saw twenty-one young people at risk of exclusion Engaged, Influenced and Inspired by TLG. The team showcased their ability to change communication styles skillfully as they began a new programme for students in Year 8 and 9 in East Croydon. In spite of their youth, the group shared honestly and openly on the effect that crime and consequences have had in their neighbourhoods, with all reporting they knew of someone currently serving time in prison.

Returning to another secondary school in South-East London, young people were given the opportunity to recognise and celebrate their differences as we unwrapped the complex issue of personal identity together. With sincere honesty, the group navigated the sticky reality of what it means to be a teenager in today’s society. On recognising defining moments in their school identity, each student then constructed letters to the teachers with whom they have the most conflict, asking for a fresh start.

Finishing the week in the hot seat, the group lavished praise on one another and affirmed the positives they see in each another. With power in every word, the group of aspiring engineers, lawyers, musicians, athletes and hedge-fund managers walked away with a skip in their step in the hope of building stronger and more positive personal identities.


The end to another encouraging week investing in the lives of the leaders of this generation.


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