Our Lottery Funded Schools Programme Engage, Influence and Inspire Begins

We are delighted to have started the delivery of our schools prevention programme Engage, Influence and Inspire in four South-East London schools. The programme had been delivered to groups of year 9 and 10 students in 2015 resulting in a reduction in permanent exclusions and significantly increasing the academic achievement of those at risk of exclusion, anti-social behaviour, offending, group offending, gangs and serious youth violence. Students have also attended work experience placements with our partner organisation http://www.brandanddeliver.co.uk during the summer holidays working on exciting projects and inspiring their future employment decisions.




Today marked the start of Engage: Influence: Inspire, a thought-provoking prevention programme for young students at risk of exclusion from education. The team were at a school in the borough of Lambeth, where they delivered the first of six high-impact sessions: Crime and Consequences. The expectant group of year nines came from a diverse mix of backgrounds, and were each chosen due to their risk of permanent exclusion, disruptive behaviour in sessions or risk of involvement in offending.

The group bonded quickly as they were guided through the harsh realities of the criminal justice system for young people by our CEO Andrez Harriott, and the heavy price that could be paid for a single poor decision. Each young person was made to think about the wider repercussions of getting involved in offending for themselves, their families and victims of crime.

Students disclosed that they regarded themselves as role models to younger siblings and how their need to help and support their parents weighs heavy on their young shoulders. The students stated that the session had made them consider the impact that their current behaviour is having upon their parents.

The students were certainly Engaged, Influenced and Inspired, as they opted to skip through their morning break and continue with the session; a sign of full engagement rather than participation!

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