Engage, Influence and Inspire Blog 5

This week saw the TLG team begin a new cycle of Engage, Influence, and Inspire at a school in Lewisham. To put it into context, the borough of Lewisham has previously been named the ‘least peaceful’ place in the UK based on the following five indicators: the murder rate, violent crime rate, weapons crime rate, public disorder offences rate and number of police officers per 100,000 people (Peace index, Institute for Economics and Peace). Going back to the borough where our CEO Andrez Harriott has spent much of his working-life, it is clear to see the borough of Lewisham is crying out for a change in narrative.

The group of ten students were engaged from the get-go, brimming with knowledge and full of questions that highlighted the extent of the exposure they face on a day-to-day basis. The session itself looked at Crime and Consequences, highlighting the ease it is to get involved with the ‘madness’, and the devastating impact it has on individuals, their families and opportunities in education and employment. One teacher remarked that they had “never seen the boys so engaged in a lesson in the last three years”. 

In February half term, one of these boys will be selected for a life-enhancing week of work experience with one of TLGs partners. Even the mention of this incredible opportunity raised the aspirations of the students who are looking for more. The students are clearly hungry for a change in narrative and the team look forward to delivering five more high-impact sessions over the next three weeks.

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