Engage, Influence and Inspire BLOG 3



Week three saw a breadth of young students and adult support workers immersed in the work of TLG’s Engage, Influence and Inspire programme. Following on from last weeks session on ‘Personal Identity’, a member of staff at a secondary school in South-East London commented on how our CEO Andrez Harriott has “given them (the students) permission to change their identity at school”.


This week we looked at the impact of Media and Music. The team showcased a range of contemporary media and the students became animated on recognising the faces and the lyrics of the artists. Peeling back the layers that glamourised the street life, young people were shocked at the harsh reality of the lyrics to the songs they listen to day-in and day-out. One young person described it as a process of “being brainwashed”. With the students committing to recognise the reality of what they watch and listen to, a counter narrative was given through the inspiring work of Jamal Edwards MBE.

Returning to another school in Croydon, we celebrated the rich gift of Identity in a world that often discriminates people for being different. Students unearthed fascinating truths from one another, ranging from cultural heritage to favourite cartoons and favourite foods – the latter certainly had the trainers salivating at the thought of such delicious foods.

Concluding the week in Bexley, our CEO Andrez Harriott delivered an afternoon of high-energy training on the topic of programme delivery for Engage, Influence and Inspire to a large group of support workers for children and young people. Professionals remarked on how valuable and engaging the session had been, as they headed out on their well-deserved half term breaks.



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