Government Agrees to 1.4 Billion Investment in Mental Health

2016 will be remembered as a stressful and painful year for many. If it wasn’t Donald Trump, Brexit, or our prison service in meltdown, it could have been England crashing out of the Euros to Iceland that got you down. This week Theresa May has called for mental health reforms to focus on young people, pledging to invest £1.4 billion in services. It seems our Prime Minister must have read our previous blog post highlighting the alarming extent of children and young people suffering from severe depression in the UK (


In a recent interview, May recognised that the issue of mental health had been “dangerously disregarded” despite the statistic that one in four people have a mental health disorder within their lifetime, at a reported annual cost of £105 billion. Figures show that young people are disproportionately affected, with over 50% of mental health issues starting by the age of fourteen, and 75% by the age of eighteen. May goes to state further that: “If you suffer from mental health problems, there is not enough help to hand.”


While education leaders backed the ideas and their focus on young people as a step in the right direction, there were also concerns. Russell Hobby of the school leaders’ union NAHT states that “Rising demand, growing complexity and tight budgets are getting in the way of helping the children who need it the most.” TLG works with the young people we believe need it the most in society, working on crucial interventions with those at risk of exclusion and involvement with youth offending.


We look forward to seeing many more lives transformed across schools, families and communities in 2017.



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